An Investment Worth Making
by Dr. Mark T. O'Farrell

Families continue to ask the question, "Why choose a Christian college education?" The conversation usually goes something like this, "Christian colleges are so expensive. We'll pay more compared to attending a state college or university. Besides, state colleges have Christian groups my child can join. Doesn't God want us to be 'salt and light' in the world?"

There are many para-church organizations which have made tremendous impacts in the lives of college-aged students on campuses around the world. It is also correct to acknowledge that Christians shouldn't be fearful of or retreat from the realm of secular academia. We are commissioned to be Christ's ambassadors. But the question of attending (or not attending) a Christian college based on "cost" is a misleading distraction from the eternal investment Christian higher education delivers. A Christian college education provides four life-transforming benefits that secular education cannot accomplish.

1. A Christian college education lays a Biblical foundation

When a contractor builds a home, he starts with the foundation. A solid foundation leads to a successful build. A weak foundation leads to trouble. A Christian education starts with Christ and His centrality as found in the Scriptures. A Christian education measures all worldviews and philosophies against the Word of God. When students are faced with a major decision, we want their first thought to be, "What does the Bible say about this?" As believers in Christ we need to be exposed to more than just a campus Bible study. We need to wrestle with and appreciate the rich doctrines of our faith. The systematic study and incorporation of Biblical Truth in the classroom establishes the immovable foundation of our lives. Through this rigorous investigation, we attain the knowledge of the Son of God and mature in our faith becoming the men and women God intended.

2. A Christian college education moves beyond mere facts and information

We are living in a culture that is redefining the value of education. The Barna Group recently reported that individuals desire an integration of their faith and life. Lives segmented by mere facts and information do little to transform lives. Young and old alike want an education that is more than knowledge-based. They want usefulness, practicality, and meaning. A Christian education sees education as more than a path to a better soci-economic condition; it's an understanding of and answer to the deep questions of life: origin, purpose, morality, and eternity. These questions are coherently answered by a Christian education.

3. A Christian college education creates a campus of community

An education on a Christian college campus allows for genuine community that is centered on Christ. Christian college campuses are not utopias and regardless of where one attends, one can always find the distractions for which they are searching; however, a Christian college campus does create a place where students have a common denominator: Jesus Christ. The common understanding of Jesus Christ and His life and teachings create an environment distinct from secular campuses. Prayer, worship, and fellowship permeate the ethos and nature of the scholastic, social, and spiritual dynamics of the campus. When people are in pursuit of the Gospel Truth in their lives, powerful breakthroughs and transformations occur,

4. A Christian college education produces Godly character

Students will graduate with their business or nursing or degree of their choosing, but the question remains, "Will they bring their beliefs into their vocations?" A Christian education weaves Biblical Truth into the very essence of the student. Just as Christian college courses intertwine Biblical Truth into subject areas, students learn to graft that same Truth into their everyday attitudes and actions. The fusing of Biblical principle with practical reality creates a new character in the life of the student. It's the transforming power of Christ delivered through higher education,

Remember: The Word of God NEVER returns void. A Christian education provides a return on an investment that reaps eternal rewards. The price of failing to invest in our spiritual knowledge and foundation is costly. The Christian college experience is unlike any other - focused, deliberate, and transformational. It truly is an investment worth making.

Dr. Mark T. O'Farrell
Trinity College of Florida



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