Eastern Brown Pelican
Scoop fish in expandable throat pouches

Black Crown Night Heron
Nests colonially, often a dozen nests in a single tree

Roseate Spoonbill
Long, flat spoonshaped bill

Least Terns
Nests on sandy beaches

Sandhill Crane
Can live to the age of 20!

Probes for large insects on lawns!

Smallest Sandpiper known as "peeps"

Double-Crested Comorant
Experts at diving to catch fish

Great White Egret
Strikes prey with a jab of their bill

Black Skimmers
Drags lower bill through water for fish

Cattle Egret
Follows cattle, horses & tractors to catch insects

Great Blue Heron
Curls their neck to S shape to catch prey

Laughing Gull
At beaches & parking lots waiting for food

Nests on Poles, dead trees & channel markers

Herring Gull
Special glands allow them to excrete salt

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
18328 Gulf Blvd.
Indian Shores, Florida 33785
Admission is Free - Open Every Day
We Encourage You To Visit

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